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        • Definition: Combination of Kshudra Pancha Mool (Sarivan, Pithvan, Badi Kateri, Choti Kateri and Gokhru) and Mahat Pancha Mool (Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonak, Kashmari and Patala).
  • Chief Indication: inflammation, swelling in body
It generally alleviates all the three dosh and is effective especially when Vayu and Kapha are aggravated in Coarse powder of ten roots
  • Chief Indication: Standard Ayurvedic therapy for inflammatory disorders or Vata Vyadhi and to reduce pain and fever associated with it.

Dashmool (also spelled as Dashamoola, Dashamula & Dashamul) is a name given to ten roots of certain plants listed in ingredient section below. The combination of these ten roots is used widely in Ayurveda for many health conditions related to nerves, muscles, bones and joints. It has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moderate analgesic actions. It is a part of several ayurvedic medicines and alone used for pain disorders and inflammatory diseases related to a musculoskeletal system including osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis etc.

ingredients in Dashmool (Dashamula) pacify Vata Aggravation and works as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-rheumatic agent. In addition, it provides strength to the body and improves functions of organs located in Vata location.s. It tones muscles and soothes nerves.

In Sanskrit Dashamool means ten roots

Medicinal Properties

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Anti-rheumatic or Anti-arthritic
  3. Analgesic
  4. Antispasmodic
  5. Adaptogenic
  6. Antioxidant
  7. Neuroprotective
  8. Anti-paralytic
  9. Uterine tonic
  10. Uterine Detoxifier
  11. This is a combination of five roots from big tree & five roots from shrubs.This combination helps maintain the balance of the three doshas. It has anti inflammatory properties & therefore helps in managing joint & muscle pains.
  12. May support the respiratory system.
  13. May help calm the nerves.
  14. May support healthy detoxification of the body.
  15. Said to have anti-inflammatory properties.
  16.  Strengthens the body.(USES) 3. Supports proper function of the lungs.4. Promotes the healthy elimination of toxins.5. Helps with headaches.6. Used for the flu, coughs, and colds.7. Is a tonic for the kidneys and liver.
    8. Treats fatigue.9. Removes dead cells from the body.10. Regenerates cells of the body.11. Used as sedative for the Vata constitution.12. As tonic in infertility.13. Used for anorexia.14. For body ache.15. For edema.16. For anemia.

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