Karela Powder  pack of 3
Karela Powder pack of 3
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Medicinal properties of the bitter gourd plant maybe derived through inorganic preparations such as supplements in the form of pills, capsules, tinctures and powders, tea, and even enemas made from fruit, leaf or vine extracts. If you are able to tolerate the bitterness, you may even consume raw or cooked fruit or fresh squeezed juice from bitter gourd fruit.

Medicinal uses for bitter gourd or bitter melon plant include:

  • Traditional remedies recommend bitter gourd for lowering blood pressure.
  • Bitter melon stimulates digestion and boosts metabolism. It can help people who suffer from regular constipation, dyspepsia or slow digestion.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of bitter gourd may help relieve symptoms of inflammation caused by acid reflux disease, regular heartburn, or ulcerative colitis. However, some studies suggest that ascorbic acid in bitter gourd may mildly increase inflammation in certain individuals.
  • Antioxidant properties of bitter gourd from various active compounds such as flavanoids, sterols, alkaloids and tannins may help prevent damage caused by free radicals. Anti-oxidation properties may slow down signs of aging, especially, external signs such as wrinkles, crows’ feet and age spots.
  • Calorie deficient and fiber rich bitter gourd is a great addition to any weight loss plan.
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