Success Story of the Founder.

This Story belongs to the Visionary Engineer Jugal Kishore Baid born on 3 0 t h M a r c h , 1 9 4 2 i n a T e h s i l Sardarshahr in Rajasthan. His father Shri Jai Chand Lalji Baid was also a visionary and asked people about the best place for education in India. Naturally at that time Banaras was on top of the list for education due to the B.H.U. All his sons were sent to Banaras for education and since there was no business and house set up in Banaras, t h e i r m a m a j i w a s s t a t i o n e d t o administrate them and a house was taken on rent for this purpose only. Mr. Jugal Kishore at the age of 4 yearswas sent to Banaras for primary education at Besant Theosophical School and Banaras Central Hindu School upto Class VII, thereafter his father felt that Jaipur had developed and good education was available there thus he was admitted in to Class – VIII there and continued his studies up to graduation from Maharaja College in Jaipur. During his graduation the family decided to set up a factory and carry on business in Jaipur and they chose to make steel furniture and fabrication, due to his passion for the subject and industry he involved himself so much in this new furniture factory, right from processing Machine and installation even during the days of examination, that as a result he was dropped for one year in B.Sc. After B.Sc he got admission in B.I.T, Ranchi in B.E (Mech.) Course. During his education also he used to keep thinking of some new Industry Business. In College also he took the lead for the All India Industrial tour in 1965. He arranged a Bogie for the Tour even in such a difficult condition during the 1965 war. Thereafter, in College he was known as 'bogie man' during the industrial tour he travelled throughout India and the students were shown all the big Visionary Engineer Legend factories. This act of leadership was a big achievement during his College time. After passing his Engineering he realised that some kind of training should be taken in similar type of factory like the one that was opened in Jaipur i.e. Furniture & Fabrication. He chose to take training in Hyderabad Allwyn Metal works, (Hyderabad) which was making furniture, refrigerator and other fabricated items. He joined the company as an Executive Engineer trainee. He was given a job to develop new Super Compressor for their new fridge. Prototype of the Super Compressor was brought and given to him and he had assistance from the Chief Engineer. The Compressor was disassembled and then the process started from designing in design section then making tools in Tool room and then their trial in manufacturing shop. Every day progress was to be reported to the Chief Engineer and other people in the manufacturing development. Mr. Baid got married in 1967 to Mukulika Baid, a Graduate from Jodhpur University having interest and great talent in Music and Dance, aMusic Album of hers was released which had Rajasthani Folk Songs. She always supported him through his tough times. The Compressor was assembled and put in the fridge and successfully placed in market. This took about 2 ½ years. As Mr. Baid told it was a golden period to learn each and everything, starting from Designing, making Tools in Tool Room, Machine Shop, Assembly and Quality Control. This made him a perfect Engineer with great Vision of the third world. During his stay in Hyderabad other than his job, he tried to see the then popular power tiller, a small tractor driven by hand. In 1969he left Hyderabad and joined his family business. He tried to implement a new development which he had learnt in Hyderabad Allwyn, but he could not relish the furniture business because that was a common job and mostly done by hand. He tried to look for other jobs with some Engineering skill involved. With his visionary thinking, he found that many Oil Mills & Vanaspati Industries are coming up in near future. He discussed this with his father and told him about his intention to start packaging for Oil & Ghee. His father gave him a clearance and promised to arrange for some funds and the remaining through Bank. First Unit of Tin Container was established in Jaipur at Jhotwara for manufacturing 16 Kg Square Tin container. After a year of production, he felt that the demand is high and an additional capacity is required. Then he decided to put one more Unit in Jaipur at Bais Godam. After this, many people plunged into the market thereby creating tough competition and at the same time an excise duty was imposed by the Government of India on power operated Plants, Mr. Baid thought, with this competition and Excise duty it is n o t p o s s i b l e t o r u n t h i s U n i t successfully. Then he started thinking how to run the Plant without power? Hewent back to the theory of village and thought about how a pair of Bullocks take out water from the well by using rahat (moving in circle). The same principle was applied and equipment was designed on the same pattern and a drive was made to run the plant, and the production was under taken. Even the printing of Tin containers was made by hand i.e. screen printing and in a day five to six thousand multicolored tins were printed and made without usingpower.

This was not enough for him, he never sat ideal, in his mind he still thought about increasing the capacity. He searched the market of Bharatpur, where a number of oil Mills were there and the process of Tins being sent fromJaipur was not economical. Hence the third Unit was established at Bharatpur to cater some Oil Mills. In Bharatpur it was not possible to run the Unit by Bullocks. Hence, a hand operated device for machines was invented with big fly wheels and the production was undertaken. Even these three Units could not satisfy Mr. Baid's ego, passion or madness. He started searching for a new market again; he came to know that Ballarpur Industries in Yamunagar is also using tins to fill corn oil. He told his family members that he wished to have the fourth Unit at Yamunagar (Haryana). But nobody was ready to support him and go out of Jaipur. Only due to Mr. Baid's policy of expansion and passion the fourth tin container plant at Yamunanagar was put up. By this time lot of Competition came into this field and the product became unviable. Then Mr. Baid searched the market for some special type of Tin Container, which could be used in Dairy (with lacquer coating) and in Defence (ISI mark). He then started taking efforts to upgrade the Jaipur plant and make these first of its kind type of containers. Companies like DCM, Dairy plants were the prospective customers who would buy at higher prices, because nobody was successful in making such containers, each and every batch of Tin was being inspected by ISI officials and then they used to give clearance for sale, so it was a very difficult task to supply. Even if one tin container got rejected, the whole lot was being rejected. He succeeded and became the King of Tin Suppliers. Even after this, his drive to grow was not satisfied, he came to know that in Kandla, lot of Oil comes as import and is refilled for consumer use. He thought, acted and started the fifth Unit at Kandla. This way managing five Units at a time in different places proved to be a very crucial time in his life. When he had three sons, he had to manage their education and needs. But he was fortunate to have a wife like Mukulika. She took full charge of all three Children, their studies and their needs. He never knew how his children grew up! Even this could not satisfy his desire and vision. He thought tin containers will face a lot of competition in the coming days, so a new business should be set up and developed. Along with Tin containers, Mr. Baid set up small Units for his survival like making of bread wrapper, Biddi wrappers. Wire drawing, Barbed wire, Bittuman bags, Nutan Stove etc., Before starting Polycon tanks he kept himself busy with one or the other project, the financial constraint was there all the time. At this time Sintex, was making plastic tanks and it started getting popular, it was the only manufacturer of tanks. The idea for manufacturing these came after seeing these tanks on some of the roofs. He came to know that these tanks are made in Kalol, Ahmedabad. So he visited Ahmedabad. There he got in touch with the son-in-law of his elder brother, who was working in State Bank, and coincidently Sintex's account was in the same Bank i.e StateBank. He requested him to arrange a visit at this Unit. He told him that Sintex is a very big Company and even after they have big deposits of this company, they are not allowed to go inside the factory. Mr. Baid was determined on doing this business inspite of knowing that it was next to impossible to think of this unit. But even this situation did not get Mr. Baid worried. He gave an advertisement in the Ahmedabad Newspaper for enquiries about some technology or know how about this plant. Fortunately, an Ex- member of this Company responded to his advertisement and contacted him via phone and told him that he could give s o m e c l u e a n d d e t a i l s o f t h e Technology. Mr. Baid called him to Jaipur, discussed and told, we will make a prototype working model of the machine being used. When Mr. Baid asked his family about this, the answer was “no we can not give any money”. But when he explained his idea to his father he promised to give him Rs. 40,000/- for this experiment. Mr. Baid and that consultant made continuous efforts for seven days without sleeping; they developed a prototype machine and got one sample tank in rough shape. Mr. Baid was so happy that he decided to have a sizable Unit of this. On one side there was Sintex, a giant Company and on the other hand, a person with a minimum investment of 2 – 3 lakhs.He started this Unit in Jhotwara for producing water tanks in the name of Polycon brand. It was difficult to stand against Sintex's marketing, as Sintex started negative marketing that this tank will burst. At this time, Mr. Baid became helpless, with this small venture, no money for advertisement, no money for marketing, what would he do? Then he thought of making something unique. He tried to make the first Indian multilayer tank i.e. outside Black inside white. This was made by rotational moulding, but Mr. Baid was not sure if this would be successful in the market and rise the anti-marketing of Sintex which stated that this double layered tank would crack after some time. But Mr. Baid assured his customers that a free replacement will be given if it cracks, by this he gained confidence of some dealers and started marketing his product, it was picked up very well and Mr. Baid added the capacity and soon one more Unit in Jaipur was established and the marketing had begun in other cities as well. That also picked up very well. The Unit came up as the second Unit in India to manufacture tanks and started competing, but the difference between the level of Organization was like day & night. At the same time, Mr. Baid gave the franchise of Polycon tanks in various cities like Kanpur, Shillong, Kerala, Nepal, and Bangladesh. All the machines were manufactured in his Jaipur Plant. Full packaging was done for each one. This way Polycon tanks took a national stand. To expand their network further a Public Limited Company in the name of “Polycon International Ltd” was floated. Public issue was made. Mr. Baid was appointed as the first M.D. of this Company and he came out with a big expansion plan which was spread all over India. Agents and Distributors were made in all the big cities of India. Under this banner, PVC Profile Plant for making PVC Panel, false roofing and doors was started in Jaipur. But this was not superior to Sintex in Profile. So he thought of doing something which was unique in profile also. He visited T a i w a n t o s t u d y f u r t h e r t h e advancement in profile. And then, first time ever in India, he used Machine to print PVC profile which was also Unique process. He traveled all over India to promote Tanks and Profile and well established the name of Polycon in India. This success did not see enough; his desire to progress did not stop here. He went to Dubai on a holiday trip to see his brother in-law working there. He was sitting in the House and he observed the tank installation in Dubai, which was two pieces of fibre glass joined together by nuts and bolts, this did not appeal to be good enough to Mr. Baid. He told his brother in-law we have better tanks they are one piece bear no joints and are better than the tanks here. His brother-in-law told him that, here the people are not interested in any kind of change, he must forget this idea of supplying here, Mr. Baid still said, “Kindly arrange a meeting with one of such tank manufacturers”. His brotherin- law arranged a meeting with Terazzo one such tank manufacturer. , he told Terazzo about the tanks but Terazzo did not show any interest, but Mr. Baid was bent upon the idea to introduce these tanks there, so he made them agree to import one container load of Tanks from India, and somehow he agreed to get one container load order. The container was sent but to his surprise, they could not sell even one tank. This was totally discouraging, but Mr. Baid did not take no for an answer. He tried to persuade some people who could have one manufacturing unit in U A E . Mr . B a i d c o n t a c t e d t h e Sheikhthere who was the Owner of his brother-in-law's office, Sheikh denied for such a Venture but after a lot of persuation he agreed for a partnership of 51% & 49% with Baid and an investment in the same pattern. But when this proposal was presented to his family members, they rejected it and told that we are not interested in working in any Muslim country that too with such a big stake, but Baid was adamant to put up this Unit in UAE. He again approached Sheikh and made him agree for 74% & 26% (for Baid). The 26% Stake was to be invested in the form of plant & Machinery which was to be supplied from India. However, after the agreement the Plant was exported to UAE but to the surprise, the container having these machines was not opened for one year, so Baid approached Sheikh and convinced him to make a building. The same was made in about 7 – 8 months. The plant was installed by the team sent from India. They produced tanks as they did in India. Astonishingly none of the tanks were sold and no Architect was ready to even see these tanks, but Baid was not dis-appointed. Then he thought of changing the design suitable to the UAE market, the black colour of the tank as manufactured made in India was not suitable in the heat of Dubai then it was concluded that from outside the tank should be made white in colour and from inside black. Mr. Baid with his vision and idea developed this technology, first time in India as well as in UAE. This plant which wasestablished in Abu Dhabi (UAE) was the first such plant in the entire Gulf region and the technology was new in the entire region thereby creating a golden History, even this amount of success, did not put Mr. Baid peace. He further researched & Developed and created a tank with four layers for the first time ever, thereby creating world History. This can be written in Golden words. The outer layer of the tank was white, second layer was black, third layer was foam ( to protect it from heat) fourth layer was again white. This technology helped a lot in marketing and the tanks became popular and were picked up for sale all over the Gulf and created a profit of more than 100 million rupees, now that changed the status of the entire family even the Sheikhwas very happy and told him that “I want some more business Ventures with you”, more plants for Tanks in the same name of Polycon were established in Saudi Arab, Oman, Bahrain etc., and the capacity of Abu Dhabi was raised to four times with some more advanced technology being introduced and other products were also added in the list of manufacturing. One more plant was established in Abu Dhabi for manufacturing Pet Bottles with the same Partner Sheikh. But not all things are positive every time Mr. Baid had a big setback when the family division was made. The family business was divided in seven parts and three Groups emerged, two groups of three brothers each and one separate unit came to Baid. He got bare sheds in Bais Godam with practically no work, and then he started his career from scratch because Polycon Tanks, PVC Profile etc., running businesses was handed over to his other brothers. This was not the end for him, he started looking for some new business for his survival, because only the land & shed could not give him any return, he looked for another product with mass consumption, since the already established automatic Pet Bottle Plant with Japan Nessai Machine in old flag ship, Polycon was transferred to his brothers in separation of family. He started working on Pet Bottles that were needed for packing Oil & water. He saw that Liquor was being packed in glass bottles. He approached the State Liquor manufacturing Company and asked them to introduce Pet bottles for Liquor Ganganagar Sugar Mills for filling of Liquor. The Scheme of pet Bottle was approved and they decided to discontinue the use of glass bottles. Tender was floated and Mr. Baid got an order of 1.25 crore bottles initially, this was a big start. But this happiness did not continue for a long time, there was a change of Government i.e. Congress came in power (Ganganagar Sugar Mills) who cancelled the whole tender without any reason. New Tender was floated but that was quoted for a much lower amount by his nearest relatives and most of the order was transferred to them and other parties were lost without much order and mostly without any order. All of these parties approached the Chief Minister about this issue and then he cancelled the whole Tender and again the use of Glass Bottle continued. Mr. Baid was left with no option but to supply to small water filler and Oil Companies. There a l s o h e w a s f a c i n g u n h e a l t h y competition from his near ones. This was a crucial time, because of back stabbing by his own people. After 2 years of working in this crucial condition it was decided, to shut down the Pet Bottle Plant which had an investment of about 3 crores. Most of it was Bank loan; this broke the spine of Mr. Baid's business. But he is a man of courage. He did not loose hope. It took three years to resettle and make old payments of the Bank loan. This was the worst time of his life. The thought of his dear one's could spoil his Career got him down to the floor. Mr. Baid's spirit & passion could not stop him from moving ahead. He started thinking of some high value added product. Once when he went to Delhi to visit one of his relative's Office who was working in State Bank of India. One calendar of a Company called the Eastern medikit was hanging on the wall behind him, Mr. Baid told his relative the Bank Manager, that the Calendar is very good. Can you give me this calendar. Then he explained this Company belongs to Narang Group, a very big group and it is fifty years old. It had a deposit with the Bank in crores and then he gave him that Calendar. That was the day Mr. Baid's mind got after that project. He spoke to many people. They told him it is a very big group and it is making unique products which nobody else makes in India and asked him to forget about the idea of making these products. It needed a lot of investment and technology. Mr. Baid was very keen on this project. His determination was such that he lost his sleep by thinking how to get money and Technology for this project. He told his friend working as XEN in Faridabad to show the factory of Eastern Medikit based in Gurgaon. But he told “ it is impossible to visit. They do not allow anybody”. But after a lot of persuation, he agreed to send him with the Electric team to just have a glimpse. But was not enough and this did not help. Mr. Baid still continued to put in efforts to know more about the medical products but from all sides he got no as an answer. He then advertised in the Ahmedabad Newspaper for any technology for Medical products, because Ahmedabad was manufacturing some related products. But technology of that specific product was not available any where in India. In response to his advertisement one person responded and told him “I have no idea about this but this can be available in Medica in Germany”. Since Mr. Baid did not have any knowledge in the medical stream he told that person to accompany him to Germany. He agreed but the problem was the money for going, he then sold his flat costing Rs. 2.5 lakhs in Civil lines and purchased the Air ticket and went with him to Germany, he was able to gather some information there and took some addresses of Companies based in USA where his son was doing M.S and was in his final year of studies. Mr. Baid contacted his son in USA and told him that he wishes to visit USA. Just after his examination; he went & told his son about this project and asked him to arrange some visits to the addresses he brought from Germany. Both of them started off their journey and visited some Units as customers and gathered information about this unique project. He came back after his visit to about ten Units in USA to India. Then his planning started on how to start up and get the funds for this project? His younger son was doing CA. He told him to make some project report with the help of Mr. Rishi who was doing M.S in USA, both of them started working on the project in an adverse condition in a Delhi Hotel. These two boys in a short time completed the project report. Now the question was how to get money for this project? Mr. Baid thought of Public issue but everybody told that this is a very bad time and all the issues are getting flopped. But still Mr. Baid said we have to start this project at any cost. His determination turned into madness. The project with Public issue was submitted to IDBI where he was interviewed by the then G.M. When he came to know that Mr. Baid has an experience of running five Units of Tin containers, he immediately gave principle approval to the project. This was a boon for Baid's project. This way matters proceeded and now to get the funds required a Public issue was needed. No money was available with Mr. Baid. To complete the issue, he took loan from relatives at an interest rate of 30% with panel interest. There was no other alternative to do so. Regarding other investment Mr. Baid contacted with Shri D.R. Mehta. He helped a lot and IDBI took Shares worth 1.00 crore and IFCIC of 50 lakhs. This way the issue was subscribed at one go. A 500 Meter land was taken at Sector 59 of Faridabad and the project was started. Mr. Himanshu the eldest son was shifted to Delhi to help Mr. Rishi the second son as an experienced person for this project. They lived in an adverse condition in Delhi with Baid's grand son who was 8 months old. With the hard work of these three sons and the guidance of Mr. Baid, Machines were ordered and all other work had started. But the first two years were very difficult to support them. Mr. Baid had to sell his second flat costing around 2.5 Lakhs. The hard work of these boys put colours in the project and the sales began. In a year to years time four Units were added in Faridabad and one plant at Haridwar. This was not enough. Then one Plant was established at China with 100% stake to help international buyers. Even this was not enough for the young team and Mr. Baid he then established a Joint Venture Unit in Egypt to cater to the Middle East customers. In the same sequence, two Units were established in Jaipur, one at Bais Godam at the old original place of his parents where the unit was set for furniture. Everything was dismantled and a new Building for medical Unit was started. Now after entering into the Business of medical equipment, looking at the demand extra capacity was required. Mr. Baid tried to look for some Land for this. He took one land in Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur for the 2nd Medical factory in Jaipur. Destiny added one more feather in Baid's cap, one more opportunity of a new project; he saw land reserved for Bio-tech in Sitapura. Mr. Baid liked the area and applied for Bio-tech project, he got the Land and started a new project related to Bio-tech although it was totally a new Venture for him and with practically no knowledge, Mr. Baid was adamant to do this also, people even said you will burn your fingers by doing this but Baid started the new project of manufacturing different types of Juices like Aloe Vera, Amla Thriphla, etc.,and created a complete range. He got this business idea from “ Forever” of USA a company which was selling these types of products at very high rates, after importing from USA. Then Mr. Baid thought why can't this be done here when the Aloe Vera (Gaur Patha) is crop available in Rajasthan in plently. So he chose Aloe Vera as a base to develop more than 60 products. The marketing of these products was much more difficult as many people started manufacturing these juices at a small scale, Mr. Baid was not upset with this. He thought that something unique must be produced which can be exported to other countries, for this purpose it was required to have the organic crop of Aloe Vera and other products growing. So Mr. Baid cultivated Aloe Vera, Amla, Karela etc in land nearby Jaipur. Crop w a s t o b e c e r t i f i e d b y s o m e International Agency like Eco-cert from France, it took almost three years to get this Organic crop certified. It was a type of challenge for Baid to sustain losses and patience. He had never looked back inspite of the resistance from many people even from family that “why was he making such type of a product which was consuming lot of energy and Labour?” Baid did not look back and continued to do his research and development on these Nutritional and Dietary supplements. The day came when his 14 types of Juices were given an Organic license by Eco-cert France and the exports started to USA, U.K and some small Countries, Baid then started working on Organic cosmetics and personal care product like Shampoo, lotion, cream gel, Capsules etc., but selling this was not easy because you have to be superior to others, only then its marketing win stand out. Mr. Baid worked on Organic certified personal care products with great dedication. He got 15 products certified by Eco-cert, France, this was a big achievement. His juices were the organically certified ones in India and even the Cosmetics were one of the rarest in the market. Even after this, marketing was a big challenge for FMCG products; Mr. Baid continues to be in the stage of marketing and product Development in India and Abroad. He feels that once the top class Certifications are available then export can be a better option and he has already started exporting to USA, UK and few more countries of Europe. Efforts are going strong to export in Middle East, Russia and talks are on advance stage, it was really difficult to market these products against branded cosmetics. One more Unit for medical products was established for producing many of these medical products for their parent c o m p a n y P o l y M e d i c u r e L t d . , Faridabad. Looking at the Tax scenario he thought that there should be one more Unit in Tax free Zone (SEZ) He acquired one land in Mahindra SEZ in Jaipur and started construction and now the factory has started working with its first phase with an initial investment of 40 crores. Mr. Baid can not sit ideal. One or the other Unit was established, from time to time inspite of his age of 72 years. He still thinks big like, how can he develop some more new products in medical equipment and in Bio-tech. He is working from morning to evening on both the projects. No doubt the Biotech Unit is the toughest of all projects and as a matter of fact, members of family also insisted on leaving this project, but Mr. Baid told that this is my passion and I want people to say that, he has succeeded in this project in a grand way. Now for marketing Mr. Baid has started adverting through media for creating awareness among people which is the most essential thing to do. Different channels have been booked, brand ambassador has been appointed, and he is confident that they will come out with flying colours. When the product is good and unique, then why will sale not progress? As on date, export is 60% of the total production for Bio-tech products.

Mr. Baid has many awards to his credit:
1. Entrepreneurship National Award (first prize) in whole of India by President of India.
2. 1st prize in Business Bhaskar Award.
3. Rastriya Udyog Ratan Award.
4. Bharat Gaurav Award.
5. Special Achievement Award by Plastic Association of Rajasthan.
6. Indira Gandhi Sadhbhavana Award 2012.
7. Felicitation for Best Engineering T a l e n t b y I n s t i t u t i o n o f Engineers.
8. Honoured in Akshaya Patra Foundation by Mr. Bill Clinton former President of USA.
9. Awarded by Business Rankers in 2014.
10. Honoured by Bank of Baroda in 2014.
11. Honoured by 'Terapanth Forum' J a i n O r g a n i z a t i o n f o r outstanding contribution
12. F e l i c i t a t i o n b y B r e t t L e e Australian Cricketer during function of Rotary Club South Jaipur and donated for Music Bus f o r t e a c h i n g m u s i c t o unprivileged Childrens. Mr. Baid has three sons.

1. M r . H i m a n s h u B a i d , B . E (Electronics)2. Mr. Rishi Baid, B.S.M.S (from USA) 3. Mr. Vishal Baid , C.A All are looking after this empire. Mr. Baid has four grandsons & two grand daughters. One of his grandsons is doing his Engineering in Upen (University of Pennsylvania) in USA. Mr. Baid has served and is associated with many social Institutions like; 1. The Lions Club he served as the President of Lions Club. 2. The Rotary Club he served as the President of Rotary Club. 3. He was associated with Mahaveer Viklang Samiti of Jaipur with presenting of Lift Generator, Jaipur foot, Tricycle etc.,. 4. Associated with Social Institution 'Anu Vibha' a Tera Panthi forum. 5. Associated with Akshaya Patra F o u n d a t i o n a n d p r e s e n t e d Vehicle for transporting Hot food to Schools and poor people. He also started the Mission “Free Food for Poor” and contributed Free food for 20,000 poor people in only 2 months time. 6. C o n t r i b u t i n g f o r f e e s & accessories every month for thirty children. 7. Contributing for 5 computers to disabled and needy students every month. He says that passion, dedication and hard work can do anything impossible. He is bold and can not tolerate anything unfair .He is a good administrator and in his carrer of more than 40 years of being in the Industry there was no strike and Union. In my mind I find impossible to imagine the working manner of Mr. Baid and, how much of energy he has got, he always works passionately. Some people say Mr. Baid you are old now at age of 72. But He says “you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new Dream”. He also says that “Every problem is like a Red signal if you wait for sometime it will turn green”. He always says that the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not Do” and that is what has happened. Whenever he started any new Venture it was discouraged by one or the other. He said once “dream is not what you see in sleep, Dream is the thing which does not let you sleep”. He says “Success is a story when people talk about you and give example of yours”. His main entertainment are his grandsons & grand daughters, he loves them very much, he plays with them even goes for outing for 4 – 5 days with them he is fond of traveling abroad. He has traveled almost all parts of world. His success story which I could make out lies is his passion and dedication to work; he involves himself in work so much that he forgets about his home and rest of the world. He has organized exhibition of his products in USA, U.K, Germany, Hong Kong, Dubai and different parts of India as well he is now exhibiting his product in Russia. His medical Unit situated Faridabad and other places also participate in all world class exhibitions every year. He says that this is the best way to select & choose customers. No Organization can do better if it has no good customer base and one should always plan and stress on exporting more with quality products. “Mr. Baid once told that the price of success is hard work, dedication to the work in hand and the determination that whether we win or loose, we have to apply the best of ourself” DEDICATION, HARD WORK, DEVOTION Mr. Baid started manufacturing the Aloe Vera product based on the fact behind that the same could be grown in Rajasthan climate where water has acute shortage and a lot of Land is lying barron, so the idea behind it was to help farmers by growing Aloe Vera (Gaurpath) in barron land and buying it from them for his project, this way he also promoted many farmers to grow. To his surprise he is producing more than sixty product based on Aloe Vera which is a record. His regular routine is to go on morning walk with his wife and then do some exercise for almost 45 minutes then to reach factory for work at 9.30 am at his Bais Godam factory. He believes in MIS system, he checks the report of all the plants and acts accordingly. He has initiated to meet all the Head of Dept. members for ½ hr at 10.00 am and discuss with them, their individual problems with other Co-departments which is solved on table and if not, then one has to write on a board, whenever he will complete the task. He believes that an accountability of each one should be fixed and each person should be made responsible for his work. He is tuff in his ways but soft at heart, he helps a lot of his workers for the education of their children specially the girl child. According to him every month he is paying for the fees and other needs of 25 – 30 students, he examines the half yearly and yearly results of these children and rewards them accordingly. He is very emotional and whenever he sees any old man on red light he tries to give him some money, but people say don't make it their habit. He feels that they can not work at this age and now a days most of the families don't care about old parents and they leave them for begging. He says when people can not work then even the family members do not treat them properly. He also worships Godess Sachiamata a family Godess whose temple is in Osian. He has made one temple of Devi ' Kushmanda', in the same premises. He tries to help Pilgrims coming to the temple, in one or the other ways by p r o v i d i n g f o r S h e l t e r , D i n n i n g facilities, water supply and other work which is required by Temple time to time. As his devotion he visits Osian 3-4 times a year. His vision is his success and strength, he says think big you will succeed. Have positive thinking. When I asked Mr. Baid about his personal feelings & message to others; 1. One should work with dedication, hard work and Vision. 2. Involve yourself in the project or work and be positive for your success. 3. The time has come to leave all decision on children whether they are right or wrong. They will learn better and some day they will certainly realize the fact of advantage of experienced advice. My feeling is that both the sides should consult each other and then work. 4. One should not have any venture in partnership with relatives which may cause differences in relations. 5. Spread your business which can be controlled. 6. T h i n k t w i c e b e f o r e d o i n g anything, consultation is never bad, you get something. 7. You should be bold to take decision; wavy nature can not help in doing better. 8. M a r k e t i n g i s t h e h e a r t o f business. Everything is possible to do but for marketing you need patience, lot of efforts, Vision because now a days hardly any staff in marketing is working sincerely. You have to involve yourself deeply in the subject of marketing. 9. You should prepare yourself for your old age. Don't depend on anybody. If you have money in hand everybody will be at your services. 10. When Children are grown up and able to handle business one should keep off away from that business and involve in some side business of your interest. Avoid confrontation and get respect always, you should always work as an advisor if they require